Walton ArnoldEmotional Color

About Walton Arnold


Driven by luminous skin tones in a realistic style, Walton Arnold is compelled to create this emotionally-charged artwork series called “Emotional Color” in which the true essence of human emotions is emphasized in vibrant color combinations. To Walton Arnold, this is a new beginning. “As a proficient painter of landscapes, seascapes, botanicals and en plein air, I have finally realized my true passion in the human figure.” Walton Arnold has created hundreds of paintings - 300 of which have been portraits - over the last 30 years. As a teacher of 50 to 100 students a week, over the last 28 years, enjoyment is derived from helping students discover their true potential. Walton Arnold’s artistic interests have included drawing, computer graphics and sculpture, yet these diverse skills have now refocused on the use of paint to emphasize the human expression of each subject.